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Your Space-Tenders


We are here in service to the Land,

Our Guides, The Ancestors, You, 

and The Compassionate Spirits who walk with you.

Together we create a Collective in which our prayer is,

that you receive what you need and find what you seek.


Faith Summers

Faith Summers in an Artist, Earth Medicine Practitioner and a grateful student of this magical journey called life. Faith has mixed Indigenous and European roots and draws wisdom from her heritage and respected teachers

of The Shamanic Way. 

Faith seeks and finds great comfort in the reliability of nature, like the simple daily rising and setting of the sun. Engaging with the natural world, ritual and ceremony and Sisterhood has restored her Spiritual Connectedness and has become her life blood. It is her mission and passion to create safe spaces to help people transform pain and disconnection into spiritual wellness by engaging with the natural world and

the spirit in all things. 

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Cara Ramage

Cara Ramage is an End of Life Doula

and Death Educator who is passionate

about providing support to those who are interested in exploring the end of their lives and those who are

currently facing the end of their lives.

She creates a space where there  are no taboos related to death or fear of death

and truly wants people to live their lives so they can more openly embrace their death when that time comes. Cara believes there is a beautiful gift in accepting that we are dying and how we choose to embrace 

that will impact the way our lives

look and feel everyday.


Melanie O'Leary

Melanie O'Leary is an Earth & Soul Medicine Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Sacred Ceremony Facilitator and Creative Visionary. Combining contemporary and traditional wisdom, Melanie remains committed to preserving ancestral wisdom traditions by restoring myth, creativity, storytelling, ceremony, rites of passage and earth medicine within her healing practice. With creativity and abundant gentleness, Melanie helps stitch back together the worlds of body and soul as they come together for people of all walks of life.

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Catherine is an Elder, Spiritual Activist,

Earth Medicine Practitioner, Photographer, and Writer/Author.  Her work focuses around the gathering of women into renewed and re-membered community. This is done through sacred ceremonial circle, one on one personal work, and spiritually held retreats. These containers are created with the intention to heal the past, ignite and renew the possibilities of now and evolve into the future. Catherine also offers holistic interactive couples healing sessions. All that she offers is held in the Earth Medicine Way gathered from the ancient earth traditions and healing practices of her Celtic Ancestry and from her Indigenous Teachers.

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