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Our Offerings for 2023



Saturday, June 24th:  SUMMER SOLSTICE 

Maple Ridge


Saturday, September 23rd: FALL EQUINOX 

location and time to yet be decided

Saturday, October 28th: SAMHAIN & 


Karma Healing, Maple Ridge


Saturday, December 16th: WINTER SOLSTICE

Karma Healing, Maple Ridge 



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Spring Equinox
Gathering and Celebration

SUNDAY, March 19, 2023

1pm - 5pm
An Afternoon Gathering


Join us, The West Coast Earth Medicine Collective, along with other like-minded folks for a Spring Equinox Celebration of ritual and ceremony. We will release The Winter, reflecting on, and honouring all it brought us, releasing the Wisdom of Challenge and the Physical Self. We then welcome in Spring, along with the Wisdom of Peace and the Mental Self.

You will be guided and held by 3 different practitioners, who honour The Earth Medicine Way, each in the way they were individually taught. Led by our guides, and the compassionate spirits who walk with us, we will move through an afternoon of sisterhood, reflection, journey-meditation, creating, movement and celebration.

This event is open to all cis and trans women, two-Spirited and non-binary.
This is a drug and alcohol-free event.


Date: Sunday, March19th
Location: Maple Ridge
*specific address given upon registration*
**To complete registration contact Cara @ where she will handle your registration, answer your questions, and fill you in on location details.

Gathering Timeline: 1pm – 5pm
Doors open at 12:45 pm
Circle is activated at 1pm sharp
Please arrive early to allow yourself time to settle in.

Slider Scale Investment: $80-$120 and $20 for the Maidens (more information below)

*Please DO NOT let finances stop you from attending this gathering
connect with us if you are in need of financial assistance*


What you need to know:
*30 spots have been made available for this Gathering, and we are excited to open this gathering with a special call out to The Maidens. Maidens are those young folks falling in the age group of 10-17, whom have already or are close to beginning their moon cycles. We would like to welcome them into this place of sacred sisterhood and womanhood, with the desire that they begin to cultivate their thoughts and knowing that they are not alone, that we are stronger together, and together we rise. We will offer a small space during our gathering, just for them, in honour of their journey and welcome them alongside us on ours. This honouring will be short and sweet, with the desire that the young ones do not feel uncomfortable. So please bring your daughters, your nieces, your friends’ child; whatever this might look like for you, The Maidens are welcome!
*We will be offering a seasonal elixir for you to enjoy.

*There will be a snack table


What to bring:

Flowers and Flora for the altar and our craft (wild and store bought welcome)
Favourite Mug
Meditation Pillow or whatever you need to sit comfortably on the floor

For those not comfortable sitting on the floor, chairs are offered in this space
Yoga Mat & Blanket for laying down during journey (if that calls to you)
Water Bottle
Journal and Pen

An easy snack to share (we will have limited napkins and small disposable containers to hold the snacks)
Medicine to charge on The Community Altar

Dress in Spring Attire and celebrate with your adornment


The Spring Equinox celebrates new light and new beginnings, seeds, and a re-newed path. The light has become to linger, thus bringing balance, once again, to the dark. This is a time to begin again. To rise with the eastern sun in renewed life and newly birthed dreams.

Celebrating the change of seasons is a way for us to honour the changing seasons of our own human journey. It is an opportunity to honour all that we have faced, learned and of course, celebrate. In ceremony and ritual, we also pay homage to The Mother of all Life, our Earth, who sustains and provides for us as well as the Compassionate Spirits who walk with us, Creator, The Universe, Love; whatever your terminology might be, we honour them all.
Please feel free to share!

We look forward to circling with you.

Love, Light and Shadow, Catherine, Faith, Melanie and Cara
The West Coast Earth Medicine Collective

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