Our Offerings for 2022

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Winter Solstice 
Gathering and Celebration

An Evening Gathering


Join us, The West Coast Earth Medicine Collective, along with other like-minded folks for a Winter Solstice Celebration of ritual and ceremony. We will be releasing Fall, the direction of The West, and honouring all it brought us; while welcoming in Winter, the direction of The North.

You will be held by 4 different practitioners, who honour The Earth Medicine Way, each in the way they were individually taught. Lead by our guides we move through an evening of sisterhood, reflection, sacred sound, journey-meditation, and creating. Together we will celebrate and reflect on the change of seasons; releasing the Watery Wisdom of the Heart as we welcome the Earthy Wisdom of Challenge. All are welcome!


Date: Sunday, December 18th
Location: Karma Healing, Maple Ridge
*specific address given upon registration*
**To complete registration click on registration and inquiry 

Gathering Timeline: 4:30pm to 9-9:30
We open for arrival at 4:15 pm

Circle is activated and doors closed at 4:30.
Please arrive early to allow yourself time to settle in.

Slider Scale Investment: $80-$120

*Please DO NOT let finances stop you from attending this gathering
connect with us if you are in need of financial assistance*

What you need to know:
There are 20 spots made available for this Gathering.

The building we gather in is a circular building and we utilize the walls to lean against for comfort.

For a large part of the evening we will be in limited lighting to enhance our experience.

We will be offering a dairy free seasonal elixir for you to enjoy.

Light snacks will be made available (please eat an early dinner before arriving)

This event is open to all who identify with the women inside, cis and trans women,

Two-Spirited and non-binary.
This is a drug and alcohol-free event


What to bring:
Favourite Mug
Meditation Pillow/Lawn Chair (whatever you need to sit comfortably)
Yoga Mat & Blanket for laying down during journey
Water Bottle
Journal and Pen 
An Item that represent winter to you for The Community Altar

Medicine to charge on The Community Altar

"Winter Solstice: the time that T.S. Eliot called ‘the still point of the turning world’. A time to hold still, right there in the heart of the dark. A sacred pause, in the place between stories. Winter Solstice is a time of renewal. It’s a time to immerse ourselves in the cycles of nature: of death and rebirth, of darkness and light. It’s a time to think about change and transformation, letting the long, cold dark strip us down to the bare bones. Let winter strip us bare like an old oak tree. Letting the final leaves that we’re clinging onto fall. Letting it all fall, and see what still holds us upright. Darkness is not just a lack of light. It isn’t even the opposite of light. It is a wonderful, tangible thing with characteristics all of its own. Darkness is the place where life comes from. Darkness is the great melting pot, the great cauldron of creativity, the womb, the cocoon, the cave. Darkness is a great, wondrous thing of beauty. This is the season of the dark; whilst nevertheless hoping for the return of the light, we should celebrate the beauty of the dark.
...At the still point, there the dance is."
Sharon Blackie


Celebrating the change of seasons is a way for us to honour the changing seasons of our journey. It is an opportunity to honour all that we have faced, learned and of course, celebrate. In ceremony and ritual we also pay homage to The Mother of all Life, our Earth, who sustains and provides for us as well as the Compassionate Spirits who walk with us, Creator, The Universe, Love (whatever your terminology might be) we honour them all.
Please feel free to share!
We look forward to circling with you.

Love Light and Shadow, Cara, Catherine, Faith and Melanie
The West Coast Earth Medicine Collective

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