Our Offerings for 2022


WCEM Summer Solstice Day Retreat 

Join us, along other like-minded womxn for a very special day on the land,

honouring  the change of seasons, each other, and Mother Earth. 

You will be held by 4 different practioners as we move through the medicine wheel honouring and receiving the medicine that is meant for each of us.

Together, we will release The Spring, reflecting on, and honouring the Wisdom of Peace and the Mental Self and we will welcome in Summer, along with the Wisdom of The Body and the Spiritual Self.

Date:  Saturday, June 18th

Location: Maple Ridge 

*address given upon registration*

Gathering Time line: 2pm -9:30ish

Our gathering will begin at 2 pm sharp and will release 9:30-10pm

We open for arrival at 1:30 pm

Slider Scale Investment: $80-$120

*please DO NOT let finances stop you from attending this gathering

connect with us if you are in need of financial assistance*

What to expect:

4 unique Ritual and Honouring circles.

Fire Circle.

Cacao Ceremony.

Connection to The Land, the Ancestors, OurSelves

Grief Honouring.

Sacred Sound.

Journey and Meditation.



We will provide light snacks throughout the day, extra water and sparkling beverages.  We will also be providing a Gourmet Hot Dog Buffet for our dinner break at 6:15. We ask that women, who feel the call and have the ability, to please bring food to share and make our pot luck complete. This is part of the tradition and the ceremony of gathering; 

to break bread together, share a meal and nourish ourselves

along side one another.

note: You will be roasting your own hot dogs. We will provide assorted options including regular, chicken and veggie dogs.

Please let us know if you are gluten free so we can have that available.

what to bring:

*Lawn chair, meditation pillow, and/or yoga mat


*water bottle

*items for our community altar

(this can be sacred items to charge, pictures or sacred medicine

 as well as well as compostable offerings to the land and the spirit our gathering)

*favourite mug for Cacao Ceremony

*journal and pen if that is your jam

*simple finger foods, snacks and/or sweets to share

(with serving dish if needed)

(there will be no fridge or cooking appliances where we are gathering,

so please keep items that need to be cooled in your coolers in your cars until it is time to bring them out)

*hot dogs roasters

(we will have some, but not enough for everyone

make sure they are marked so you don't lose yours)

*extra snacks/beverages for yourself in needed

*dress accordingly 

What you need to know:

There is plenty of parking on the property.

We are gathering on an empty, private, 2 acre lot, at the very end of the street so there is no need to park on the road.

There is a porta-potty on the property with a creek and river close by.

We ask for respect of the land we are gathering on,

so take with you what you bring in.

Squirrel joins us for this retreat with this message:


Hey You! Why so serious? it might be time to lighten up a little. Have some fun! Play! Laugh! Do the Crazy Dance!

Along side the lightening up piece I want to quickly bring you some

specific medicine: respect differences & work harmoniously.

Have Fun! xo Squirrel

Celebrating the change of seasons is a way for us to honour the changing seasons of our human journey. It is also a great opportunity to acknowledge and honour all that we endure, learn and celebrate the roads we have traveled.
In ceremony and ritual we also pay homage to The Mother of all Life, our Earth, who sustains and provides for us as well as the Compassionate Spirits who walk with us, the Guardians of the Four Directions and

The Great Mystery from which we all come from.

The Summer Solstice is the day with the longest period of sunlight, so on this day we celebrate the light of The Sun and the light within. We acknowledge and honour the direction of The South and the Fires of Passion that lie within each of us.

We look forward to gathering with you!
Love Light and Sisterhood

The West Coast Earth Medicine Collective


Upcoming Events:

Saturday, September 24th AUTUMN EQUINOX @ Bowen Island

Sunday, October 30th SAMHAIN GATHERING @ Maple Ridge

watch for more details to come