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Our Offerings for 2023

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Saturday, October 28th: SAMHAIN & 


Karma Healing, Maple Ridge


Saturday, December 16th: WINTER SOLSTICE

Karma Healing, Maple Ridge 





Samhain Gathering

@ Karma Healing

Maple Ridge

4:00 - 8:30

Join us, The West Coast Earth Medicine Collective,

along other like-minded folks for a very special gathering in which we will:
Re-member & Re-claim the lost Feminine of our people
Connect with The Ancestors
Honour our Dead
Engage with Our Magic
Acknowledge The Harvest

You will be held by 4 different practitioners, with 4 unique offerings, as we move through an evening of sisterhood, connection, journey-meditation, and creating. Together, we will celebrate the festival of Samhain, an ancient Celts festival marking the midpoint between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. During this time of year, hearth fires in family homes were left to burn out while the harvest was gathered. This was also known as the time when the veil between the living and the dead was the thinnest and offerings were often prepared and left outside the villages for the mystic forest fairies and such. It was expected, at this time, that ancestors might cross over as well, so the Celts would dress up as animals so that no harm would come to them. All are welcome!

Date: Saturday, October 28th

Location: Karma Healing, Maple Ridge

*address given upon registration*


Gathering Time line: 4:00pm – 8:30pm

We open for arrival at 3:45pm and would like to begin at 4:00pm sharp

Please arrive early to allow yourself time to settle in.
We also ask that you arrive in Silence.
Slider Scale Investment: $80-$120

*please DO NOT let finances stop you from attending this gathering

connect with us if you are in need of financial assistance*​

What you need to know:
There are 20 spots made available for this Gathering.
We ask the everyone enter in Sacred Silence.
Dressing up and Ceremonial Adornment is welcome! This looks like your favourite witchy costume, headdress, animal masks, adornment, your ancestral dress, grief clothes, whatever calls to you to honour this night and time together.
Light snacks will be available (please eat a late luch/early dinner before arriving)
This event is open to all who identify with the women inside, cis and trans women, Two-Spirited and non-binary.
This is a drug and alcohol-free event.

What to bring:
Candle in candle holder
Favourite Mug
Meditation Pillow, Yoga Mat, Lawn Chair (whatever you need to sit comfortably)
Water Bottle
Journal and Pen if that is your jam
Items for The Community Altar:
*Imagery of loved ones who have passed on to the other side
*An item that represents your ancestry/heritage
*Any magical item you would like to charge

Also known as The Witches New Year, Samhain acknowledges the shorter, colder days and the overtaking of night, which is considered and invitation for self-reflection and quiet meditation. As the final harvest, before the long winter, it is a time to take stock of what’s grown (literally and metaphorically) over the past year while being in contemplation of the coming year. Here we are invited to decide what, if anything, we want to leave behind or stop doing (things like bad habits, old stories, or negative energy), and what we want to actively cultivate moving forward. We do this as Witches, aka The Healers, The Magic Makers, The Wisdom Keepers, The Tenders of Words, The Holders of Learning, The Ones filled with Knowledge, The Creators, The Lovers, The Singers, The Dancers, The Path Walkers. This night we reclaim we've been told was taken, and rise again, together.

We look forward and are honoured to have you join us!


Love Light and Sisterhood

The West Coast Earth Medicine Collective

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