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The West Coast Earth Medicine Collective

We are Sisters on the Human Journey, messy, imperfect, beautiful & brave,

*listening to the breath in our lungs, *tending the fires in our bellies,

*following the water in our blood and *honouring the earth in our bones.

We *invite you to join us.

The Well 2.jpg


In this place of Sisterhood, together, we create supportive and magical weavings that hold us securely

as we process together, 

within our vulnerabilities.

This is a relationship that moves past friendship and into a deeper, more sacred place of

honour and witness.

Here there is nothing to fix.

Earth Medicine

This is a Way of Life which acknowledges that all Life is connected thus all Life and Death matters. It is a Soul Song that reaches into the past for the wisdom of The Ancestors, while be-ing Grounded in the present and Preparing the way for What is to come. In this place we commune with and seek the guidance from the Natural World and learn more about the part we play in this

intricate and scared rhythm of Life.


To Gather is to * * *Experience, side by side, while in Ritual and Ceremony. This is the Life Blood in which we *Listen, *Learn and *Heal.

Where we

*Connect *Explore *Transform .

We Gather to

*Receive the Medicine we Seek,

and *Support our sisters

in doing the same.

Nootka Rose.jpg
Contemplation and Connection in and with Nature is a vital part of our human experience and contributes to the healing of ourSelves, our families, our communities, our world, our ancestral DNA
and our future generations.
We believe this work can sustainably 
change the world.

~The West Coast Earth Medicine Collective~

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